Anime Avatar: The last Airbender Cosplay Kostüüm Aang, Katara Sokka Azula, TophBeifong Iroh Naised, Kahe-osaline Komplekt, Top ja lühikesed Püksid

Märksõnad: arvandmed avatar aang, korra, Tenga, appa avatari hääldus, avatar viimati airbender -, plüüš, jumper wire mees mees, avatar legend, onu iroh zuko, avatar, appa avatar.

€11.02 €24.49
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  • Toote Tüüp: Komplekti
  • Allika Tüüp: anime
  • Materjal: Polüester
  • Sugu: NAISED
  • Komponendid: Püksid
  • Tegelased: avatar

The goods came in 14 days to the Ural delivery DPD (that's a game, but thanks to the seller, that is not the Mail of the Russian Federation). T-shirt (or topic) sat perfectly, even a little more, it seems to me, for 1 size. But the shorts are just in size. I warn you: do not focus on these sizes that are presented here. They're in conflict with each other. If you usually order L, then here XL will suit you. And better look at similar costumes (you can at the same seller), people write what size they took and even put out a photo (I only thanks to this and could choose the size). The suit itself is made of Pleasant Polyester, although the colors are more faded than in the picture, but so always. Pleased pockets on shorts (girls will understand). With the seller tried to communicate about the size, but he just dropped the table, which is also hanging here. Therefore, I advise you to focus on those who bought and wrote a review. As a result, I liked the suit, it is nice to be in it. Therefore, I advise everyone!
It's good.
Very cute!

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