Palus Soe Kohev Karusnahk Kate Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite S6 S7 Serv S8 S9 S20 Pluss S10E Lisa 8 9 10 A21S M21 M31 A31 A41 Juhul

Märksõnad: lector samsung s8, h s10 puhul, samsing galaxy a21s juhul, samsing galaxy s20 juhul, mikro samsung m51, osa samsung a21s, samsung galxy a21s juhul, mobiilne samsung m31s, a31 juhul, samsung, tui samsung galaxy s10.

€3.71 €4.12
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  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Disain: Peace
  • Ühilduva: Soe Case for Samsung Galaxy A02s Tasuta Shipping
  • Omadused: Karusnaha Puhul
  • Ühilduva Brändi: Samsung
  • Ühilduva Samsung Mudel: Galaktika M51

Jerard Maninang
exactly what I've ordered
Very cool cover. Quality is super!!! The cover is silicone, it is well removed and dressed on the phone, if you pay through the phone, then you can easily remove and braid. The drawback is the rest of the dried hot glue, but I do not notice it. Ordered 11.10.2020, came 27.10.2020 in Tula region
The cover is not bad. Came in 24 days.

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