Konteiner väikeste esemete jaoks "Poni" kaanega, 5.5 l Ladustamine

Märksõnad: väike kast, korraldaja väike plastikust, sahtli mahuti, ladustamine asju, väike sahtel, kasti selge, kast väikesed asjad plastikust, lahter plastikust, konteiner väikesed asjad, kasti storag.

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  • Brändi Nimi: ZABIAKA
  • Osalaiuste arv: 1.
  • Eesmärk korraldaja ladustamine: Mänguasjad
  • Materjali (Universaalne): Plast
  • Päritolu: RE(Päritolu)
  • värv: Multi-värviline

Konteiner vähe asju, "poni" kaanega, 5,5 liitrit

Spetsifikatsioonid Värvi Multi-värviline Arvu punktide 1 Eesmärk korraldaja ladustamise mänguasjade Materjali (Universaalne) Plastikust

I brought the courier, but the delivery was excellent. 1,5 weeks later promised! And I wanted to take the whole order with me to another city as gifts. It is written that it will arrive on Wednesday by the link, and after a fact later this day only to Ekaterinburg delivered, they write that on Saturday they are assigned delivery to me, and the goods only to Moscow on Sunday came, they make them nervous and call them-it's a minus. The box does not tightly close around the perimeter, but only from the ends. But maybe it's for the best, the girl will be easier to open. Does not smell. On one corner the white strip is vertical, the decal is pasted around the perimeter of the box, not enough 2-3mm. On the mugs, the figure of the decal all corresponds to the pictures, looked and removed back for transportation, I'll drive as a gift. Wound on mugs a lot of tape from the pupyrka, it was pleasant, it will not break. On the box, the sticker is fragile.

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