2020 Luksus Lady Photochromic Päikeseprillid Naistele Päev Öise nägemise Polariseeritud naiste Prillid naine Varju Smart Oculos de sol

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€11.12 €18.52
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  • Mudeli Number: CS0502
  • Objektiivi Kõrgus: 45mm
  • Prillid Tüüp: Päikeseprillid
  • Raami Materjal: Polükarbonaat
  • Brändi Nimi: COSYSUN
  • Stiil: Naiste Photochromic Päikeseprillid lady varju
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Läätsede Materjal: Lubatud kogupüük (TAC
  • Sugu: NAISED
  • Osakonna Nimetus: Täiskasvanud
  • Toote Tüüp: Prillid
  • Objektiivi Laius: 56MM
  • Läätsede Optilise Atribuut: UV400

The delivery of the order took only 10 days, the track number was tracked completely to my post office. Glasses came in a leather case with a brand logo (store). Complete with glasses branded cloth for wiping glasses and a card for checking polarization. This shop is always suitable with responsibility to its goods, it is very nice to receive points in full configuration with everything you need. Quality at altitude is factory. The glasses are very neat, the bolts are all securely fixed, the glasses are not flimsy, and at the same time almost weightless, on the face does not feel at all) in addition to the fact that the glasses are polarized, they are also photochromic. That is, at the slightest change of illumination on the street or indoors there is no load on the eyes. Visual fatigue is also reduced, and contrast of vision is increased. In the bright sun, the color of the lenses becomes dark, in low light, the lenses turn yellow.
M Garatti
Promotional code for new users, discount for the first order 250 R. When any order from 500 R. Cool photochromic polarized glasses, brand cosysun. As always, high quality, complete with a cover, a branded napkin and a polarization test. Delivery less than 2 weeks, track tracked. Packed were qualitatively, layers of film. Polarization test passed. Photochromic glasses-in the sun dark, in cloudy weather or without UV rays-the glass is light gray. My small face was great. Leopard frame looks stylish and expensive. I recommend to everyone to order! My VK, Instagram-miaoyana, I will be glad to see you!
Transparent stylish frame. They are just wonderful, they did not find any defects. Came in an air bag and in a case. My Instagram is sveta_vi _ Telegram-lightandfashion Glasses link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A62NoR Made of high-quality, durable transparent plastic. On the face, glasses sit comfortably, do not fall down and do not press. By weight, light and weightless. Glasses do not distort the image. Uv-400 lenses, so have good UV protection. They still have a combination of photochromic and polarizing properties. Photochromic glasses are the ideal choice for people who have problems with vision. At the slightest change of illumination on the street or indoors there is no load on the eyes. Very good glasses at a nice price! Recommend! Glasses link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A62NoR

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